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Who is Dr. Jones?

Updated: May 3

Doctor Jones showing a peace sign while wearing sunglasses in front of the natural bridges/arch in Brookings OR
Silly peace sign at the unreal natural bridges in Brookings OR

My practice philosophy for Family Medicine is to invest in my patients and share my education and broad experience with them, not just order pills or labs. From diagrams, to handouts, and even demonstrations I make sure they leave with all their questions answered. I grew up in McAllen, a Texas border town, steeped in Hispanic values. The most important of which were hard work, treat everyone with respect, and to try and help everyone that I can. This started with my grandparents who went from working on a farm to being a contractor that convinced all 6 of their children to go to college by showing them what a life of manual labor would look like. My family is full of teachers, between my Mom, and 3 Aunts that work in the school system this has had a large influence in how I communicate with others. From leading study sessions in high school, to counseling patients in primary care, I believe the best way to understand something is by teaching it.

Why Eugene?

Dr. Jones and his wife on top of spencer's butte above the clouds and fog.
Me with my beautiful wife and partner in crime Cassandra enjoying the view from Spencer's Butte

I want to be able to practice what I preach and focus on work life balance. For me, that means being active in nature. Here in Eugene, we have access to snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking (spencer's butte above), kayaking, and camping. As an eagle scout, I feel like this is another part of my life that I sacrificed to become a medical doctor, and I love being able to scratch that itch multiple times per month. This has been a very welcoming community that has a deep deficit in access to primary care, and the ones most disadvantaged are the uninsured, or underinsured. I'm planning on changing that.

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